Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis and management of conditions that give rise to insomnia. Insomnia is a symptom, not necessarily a disorder or a disease in itself. There are many different conditions that can present with insomnia. Examples of disorders or situations include: stress, mood disorders, anxiety states, biological clock disorders, chronic pain, different brain disorders ( i.e. Parkinsonís disease, dementia), sleep apnoea and medication/ drug induced insomnia. Sometimes, certain sleep or bedtime related habits perpetuate the insomnia.

A key step in treating insomnia is finding out the exact cause. This involves a detailed assessment which can be done in the clinic most of the time. In certain instances, laboratory tests or overnight sleep studies have to be done to identify certain conditions.

Only after a detailed examination and assessment can a treatment programme be designed. Treatments depend on the identified causes of the condition. Our clinic is well known for its use of non medication approaches in treating different types of insomnia. However, there are situations when medications have to be considered as a treatment if non medication treatments do not work. Use of light boxes to retrain the biological clock is commonly done.